Written work

Zines, essays, art criticism and chapbooks.

Published in Frame Magazine, Hair + Nails, Auspices and many small and self published projects. Contact me for writing samples and commissions emmy.e.s@gmail.com


Probably Already Underway is the first in a series of three chapbooks of psychadelic journalism and microfiction set against street photography and screencaps of social media content. Probably Already Underway examines the mitigating language used in reporting on events of climate catastrophe and the political and ontological consequences of unaesthetic disaster through the central example of a Colorado suburb burning down on new years day 2022.

s e l e c t e d   s p r e a d s 

Flung From the Volcano, which will be printed in mid-October looks through todays eyes into work, automation, alienation, power and control. Algorithmically delivered content, highway speeds, roadside attractions are exposed in salacious photographs to be sharing an umbrella. Mythic rain, a falling snake and the esoteric flesh witness the dalliance, a time rupture effects material promises.


Blooms, third in the series is forthcoming.