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Auspices is seeking short non-fiction, essay or fiction/speculative fiction based heavily in life. No more than 2k words, unless you think it should be. Poetry and microfiction considered. Deadline: September 30 2023. I (emmy) will act as editor. The theme is Continuity. This is intended to be the first in a series.


I'm thinking about lake stones, and the generosity of water's round attenuations, \\ about change and the velocity of travel and the impact of velocity, and the role in all of this of continuity.

continuity as a weathering. how the awareness of continuity on a plane ride can be an ingrown torture, while the continuity of awareness is a complete unknown.

Sea change, air travel, broken routine, mundane seismic shift; change rules in a clamor. I'm asking what that clamor omits, looking for that conspicuous absence. The writing can address adjacent themes, it does not have to engage with continuity directly.


There are no cheap tricks. The clubs and rings and balls of the game at the fair are hewn from pure symbol, the agreement is the same as any agreement, degrees of stakes are illusory. Toy gun, the horse, the bullseye.


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