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emmy smith, artist statement.

february, 2022


            Prepared to be situated in a context of large scale ink drawings on brown paper, stranger sculptures begin to emerge. Mute recombinations of small materials scatter on a table. Movement exists or is suggested, evoking proximity, relationship, ecology. The drawings are getting larger, spilling down onto the floor, making up for their lack of material complexity in scale. Their hands curl into the corner between the floor and the wall, large, wrought and graphic. Heads and sexual parts are obscure, limbs do not track.

            These monoliths are inaccessible, and may not be displayed directly, preferring a state of remove. The disclosure in the work refers to a particular queer aspect of unavailability and mistrust. Scales large and small both access intimacy, another facet of disclosure. Intimacy, estrangement, distance, disclosure and closeness are axes these drawings and objects can be read along. Broken futures, utopia and failure possibilities are considered, emotionally soaked in the heavy fluid of climate change from the perspective of life in the burning american west.

Bio -

            Born in Boulder, CO, I have lived in many western states and spent hundreds of nights camping and inhabiting various remote areas between the rocky mountains and the pacific. Attention to nature is evident in my sculptural works as well as my observational and intuitive drawings, in their form & content as well as in the nature of the gestures.

            Ink, paper and sculptural objects are constructed in a practice situated strongly in process.  My works center around the queer, futures and loss in the context of climate change and global collapse.

             Currently enrolled in the MFA of Visual Studies program at MCAD class of 2023, I can be found looking for the source of a bird call in Minneapolis for the time being.

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