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         emmy e smith is a writer and artist from the mountain west in CO. Her work, tethered to the energy of ink and line, considers space as essential and strives to be awake to the human and planetary realities of the conditions of the sixth great extinction. She has contributed to various publications, including HAIR + NAILS ZINE and is the founder of Auspices, a small press that prints written works by visual artists. Emmy received her MFA in Visual Studies in 2023.   

L'adjectif ~ The adjective
He is troubled by any image of himself, suffers when he is named. He finds the perfection of a human relationship in this vacancy of the image: to abolish—in oneself, between oneself and others—adjectives; a relationship which adjectivizes is on the side of the image, on the side of domination, of death.

pp 43 Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes


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